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This is the most space efficient solution we offer and it can be customised to provide the perfect solution for your staff. Bench desks are clusters of desktops that fix to minimal framework to create larger desk layouts and provide more efficient cable management. The effect is both aesthetically pleasing and in many cases more cost effective than modular desks. Bench desking is also recommended where there is a need for increased collaboration & team work yet it can be divided by screens to maintain privacy.

Panel end

A traditional, cost effective style that is robust and practical as well as providing ultimate modesty. Desks can be configured in wave, rectangular or crescent styles to complement your working style, as well as a large range of finishes.


Discreet and minimal, the sleek legs of these desks are popular because they offer cable management within the framework to vanish wires. Choose from a wide variety of colours and finishes to truly customise your desk.

Height adjustable

Height adjustable workstations include individual office desks as well as bench desk systems to allow flexible and healthy working patterns. They are becoming more popular in today’s office environments & are available with many different adjustment mechanisms:

1. Manual adjustment

2. Crank handle adjustment

3. Electric adjustment which includes memory settings to allow you to switch to one of your preferred heights without delay.

Castor options are perfect for studios; pair with a saddle seat that moves with you too.   View Saddle seating >>

Make a statement! Singular office ideas that don’t necessarily cost the earth…


Desktop partitions allow the work surface to be divided in to smaller areas to define each user’s space & offer additional privacy. The desk screens have several additional options such as sound absorption, toolbar rails for suspending monitors or accessories & glazing to allow light to pass.

CPU holders provide a safe and secure storage solution for every company’s technology. Whether on wheels or sliding tracks, our CPU holders make access to CPU cables, ports and drives effortless, while providing valuable space savings by getting the CPU off your desktop.

Free valuable workspace with a combination of tool rail mounted accessories such as in trays, monitor arms and laptop holders.

Our Air-charge wireless charging solution allows you to charge your tech when you touch down at the desk or at breakout seating.  Great way to avoid trundling wires with you and keeps you connected and working productively.

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