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Performance – Fire & Acoustic

We offer a plethora of performance partitioning systems that meet the specifications of the modern office. Because we understand the importance of clear communication within the office settings, we can guarantee that our systems include soundproofing (reduces noise), sound absorption (improves clarity of sound) and a combination of both capabilities.

Plasterboard itself offers good fire reduction properties as well as acoustic. We can offer systems that provide up to 4 hours fire protection including lift shafts and so on…

Composite Space Division

A fully demountable, relocatable partitioning system that is both cost effective and flexible.  Composite partitioning is equally useful as a general duty partition that forms a room divide or office cubicles as it is to form an office suite of fully glazed partitions.

Composite office partition is built around a 50mm aluminium section with interlocking plasterboard honeycomb panels.  A wide range of styles can be created from solid panels to fully glazed partitions with encapsulated blinds.  Imagination is the only limitation of the system as a workplace divide.

A wide variety of wall coverings , powder coated paint finishes, ironmongery and glass are used to create an aesthetic appearance similar to systems that would cost much more, making this a truly cost effective flexible option for the modern workplace.

Frameless Glass

The contemporary solution. Full-height glass walls add an eye-catching feature to any office space. Double glazed partitions increase soundproofing whilst maintaining the light atmosphere and integral venetian blinds further improve privacy when needed. Frameless glass partitioning adds an extra touch of elegance by creating a continuous glass wall that can be combined with frameless glass doors. Bespoke manifestation (design films) can be applied to frameless glass partitioning systems and doors to comply with Building Regulations and create striking graphics to enhance your brand.


Folding & sliding walls are perfect for dividing a larger area that can then be quickly opened-out to accommodate, for example, a large meeting. Acoustic options ensure simultaneous use of adjacent meeting rooms/spaces is practical and comfortable.

In many instances, these walls provide superior acoustic properties to traditional performance partitioning. A wide variety of finishes such as melamine, veneer, fabric and wallpaper are available as well as integrated doors. Please note that they are quite heavy and structural advice may be required for which we are happy to help!


Freestanding Pods provide a welcome retreat from the buzz of an open plan workspace using acoustic panels to soak up background noise and keep conversations inside whisper-quiet. A contemporary way to find some private space.   Configure your space to address your needs – meeting rooms or just somewhere to focus.

Storage Wall

Storage wall provides an exciting addition to any office using ceiling height modular units to provide an integrated wall and storage partition. The system provides compact and streamlined storage which can be used as both free standing room dividers or as partition walls for cellular offices. Additional Rockwool insulation can be provided to enhance the properties of the storage wall.

Storage wall is available in a huge range of colours and veneers to suit your office, whether it is a modern or traditional look that you are after. Not only are there a wide variety of filing fittings from shelves to hanging files, but tea points can be fitted and a wide variety of other storage needs accommodated.

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