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Carpet Tiles

Carpets tiles provide a base for an inspiring office that absorb sound and provide cushioning. Zone different areas of the office using different colour tiles, tiles with different piles or rectangle ‘planks’ to create a border. For heavy traffic areas, such as walkways or receptions, we recommend heavy duty options that stay looking fresh for longer. We recommend you consider pile weight and branded fibre, when selecting your carpet, as these have a big impact on the quality and durability of the tile. We can advise and provide samples.

Entrance matting

Entrance matting has abrasive and absorbent fibres that remove the majority of dirt and moisture, which double the life of the rest of your carpet – a worthwhile investment! Available in a range of finishes, it needn’t look like an entrance mat!   Furthermore, you can personalise with your logo or add aluminium strips for additional durability.


Ideal for dining and washroom environments, vinyl is easy clean, spillage proof and non-slip for your peace of mind. Acoustic versions are available – meaning that vinyl can also be suitable for the office.


  • Longevity in high impact areas
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Green rated
  • Guard against marks
  • Clear wear layer to keep the design looking good


Grass provides a fun texture for breakout areas – an effective zoning tool that persuades staff to take a break. The deep texture softens the landscape of the office and effects calm with the deep texture and spring.


A durable base that can take heavy loads and is water resistant which increases its practicality. Usually recognisable with the iconic spot design…

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