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Suspended Ceiling

Not only does a professionally installed suspended ceiling provide a neat finish to conceal the structure, it provides useful space for the distribution of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) services together with electrical and plumbing. Tiles have a variety of acoustic and thermal properties and we would be pleased to advise…


MF ceilings provide a seamless, monolithic appearance, constructed using plasterboard and a lightweight metal substructure. Architecturally pleasing, they also offer good acoustics and fire rating. Access to services is provided by flat metal access plates that blend in.

Feature suspended ceiling

Modern feature suspended ceilings provide greater sound absorption than a continuous ceiling of the same visible surface area, as the sound is absorbed from both the front and back surfaces. This means one Canopy can absorb up to 88% more sound than the same visible surface area of a traditional wall to wall ceiling. Available in different shapes and sizes to make a statement!


Installing the right lights in offices is important in order to create a pleasant working environment: They create a pleasant mood, increase productivity and reduce mistakes among employees. Luminaires with a modern design fulfill prestige requirements in refined offices on executive floors, while intelligent light control systems with a zonal function help to divide the room into separate working and meeting areas.

In recent years, LED lighting has come to the fore providing economies as well as numerous different light fittings to choose from. Interesting features can be provided without breaking the bank e.g. LED offers a variety of different colours which can be used to assist with branding for different departments.

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