Marketing Consultancy

Case Study

CX Partners

Marketing Consultancy

CX Partners set up in 2004 to provide marketing advice that was centred on the customer, they wanted to put customers at the heart of marketing and help companies make sales processes easier and more customer focused.


They were moving their London office to Shoreditch, a location more fitted to their culture and wanted interiors that mirrored their culture and the surrounding area to provide an attractive space for clients to come and brainstorm ideas with their professionals.


As a creative agency with plenty of ideas of their own, Accolade made their creative ideas a practical reality.  What they needed was someone they could trust with the technical capacity to say “yes”.  Angling walls and negotiating pillars and open ceilings were all done to create a solution that looked just right.  Small details such as inset skirting were incorporated to make the dry-wipe walls more accessible.


With 6 weeks to finalise designs and complete the work, Accolade rose to the challenge and completed the work in time for their launch event, negotiating the logistical challenges of working in London.

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